Online Registration

What you need

  1. Digital copy of your passport or Thai national ID card. You will need to UPLOAD this document. You must present the original of the uploaded document on the test day ie. if you upload passport you will have to show your original passport on the test day (ID card is NOT accepted) and vice versa for Thai National ID card.
  2. VISA or Master Card. You will receive an immediate confirmation email. If you prefer not to pay by credit card, please click offline payment.

How to Book and pay for a test?

Register Online today in just 6 easy steps
Recommended Web Browser : Internet Explorer

  1. Go to
  2. Choose the banner "Registration for IELTS or IELTS for UKVI"
  3. Choose your Test Date by selecting; Country, City, Test Date and Date

       • From 2016 onwards, please choose "CP meeting room, Bangrak" for Life Skills test
       • From 2016 onwards, please choose "Montien Hotel, Bangkok" for IELTS for UKVI
  4. Complete your application details and upload your scanned documents
  5. Confirm your test date and details
  6. Pay for you test

Test Venue

Unless instructed otherwise, default test venues are as below. However please check your email and IDP website during the week before the test in case of any changes as there might be some unforeseen situations. We are trying our best not to change test venues.

Bangkok : Montien hotel on Surawongse road (speaking test at CP tower on Silom road)
Chiang Mai : Furama Hotel
Khon Kaen : Pullman Hotel
Hat Yai : Buri Sriphu Boutique Hotel

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