IELTS on Computer


Taking the IELTS test on Computer with IDP

IDP Thailand launched IELTS test on Computer for the first time since 26th July 2018 and this new development comes with multiple benefits to the test candidates. It is actually the same format as IELTS paper-based, but candidates will have more test dates to choose from and IDP will only close the registration 4 days prior to test date.


Results now in 3-5 days!


How are IELTS test on computer different from IELTS test paper-based?

They are actually the same. Candidates will complete the Listening, Reading and Writing modules while using the computer and the speaking test will be with our examiner just like that IELTS test paper-based.


What are some of the benefits for taking IELTS test on computer?

While both tests are similar in the format, IELTS test on computer gives test candidates varieties of benefits over IELTS test paper-based such as;

  • Much faster result. Candidates normally receive the test score in 5 days or less
  • Computer counts the word for you during writing test, no more counting word by word to meet the Task 1 and Task 2 standard
  • Easily editable during writing test, you can now move the entire paragraph or parts of it with just click and drag
  • Adjust the test template to your liking, colour – font size – increase your reading speed


Practice with Sample Test Questions for IELTS on Computer


IELTS on computer Mock Exam

IELTS computer lab at IDP is now open every Monday in the afternoon for anyone who wants to familiarise oneself with our IELTS on computer to make you feel more confident before sitting the real test.