How to make a payment?

There are 2 options that IELTS IDP candidates can pay for the test fee/services.

  • 1. Pay via SCB EASY Application on mobile phone
    • Select "Banking services"

    • Select "Bill payment"

    • New payment

    • Search "IDP Education Services"

    • Reference no.1 is Mobile phone number such as 0812345678
      Reference no.2 is Date of test (put it in digit only) such as 21012018
      and Enter your amount. Check your information and confirm.

  • 2. Pay at Siam Commercial Bank ATM
    • Please select transaction "Bill Payment"

    • Select "Bill Payment"

    • Select "Other Payment"

    • Please select your Current account or Savings or Credit card

    • Please enter company account number/code "1683004013"

    • Please enter Reference No.
      "Enter your mobile phone number such as 0812345678

    • Please enter amount

    • Confirm your payment

    • Payment completed

Once the payment is made, please fax "Pay-in Receipt" or ATM slip to IELTS IDP at 02-231-0530 or send an email to