Online Application for IELTS test cancellation

These are the IELTS rules and regulations for a request of IELTS test cancellation.

Please study carefully before submitting the request.

A cancellation can only be made once (never requested for a postponement before either), and at least 10 working days before the test date (NOT including Sundays and public holiday(s)).

A cancellation fee of 1,500 Baht will be charged. The full fee refund will be transferred to candidate’s account details within 2 months after the complete form, payment and other documents (if any) have been received.

*IDP reserves the rights not to proceed a cancellation if the above conditions do not apply*

Documents Needed:

  1. A copy of candidate’s bank details (Thailand saving account ONLY and usually has be 10-digit account number) Money transfer outside Thailand will be done through Western Union service.
  2. Original test fee receipt (ONLY for those making the payment at the IELTS desk). Please firstly upload the receipt and send the original copy via post by an EMS or express service from overseas.
    Address: IDP IELTS (IELTS Cancellation)
    IDP Education Services
    313, 4th Floor, CP Tower, Silom Road,
    Silom, Bangrak, Bangkok 10500 (Thailand)
    Tel. 02 638 3111
  3. A signed copy of your ID document (Thai ID or Passport)
  4. Sick Cases: Candidates may apply for a cancellation if not within 10 working days ONLY if candidates are sick. A valid, genuine medical certificate from a hospital (a certificate from a clinic is NOT acceptable) must be submitted in addition to other documents mentioned. This also needed to be uploaded and send the original copy via post by EMS or express service from overseas.

**In case of illness, candidates are allowed to submit a cancellation request within 5 working days after the test. However, the medical certificate must CLEARLY state that the candidate was sick on the test day or has been sick during the test day**

For any queries, please email