IELTS Regular Test Schedule

Seat Availability

DateAcademic TestGeneral Training TestStatus
06 Feb 2021Open
20 Feb 2021Open
25 Feb 2021Open
27 Feb 2021Open
04 Mar 2021Open
13 Mar 2021Open
20 Mar 2021Open
27 Mar 2021Open
10 Apr 2021Open
17 Apr 2021Open
24 Apr 2021Open
29 Apr 2021Open
08 May 2021Open
20 May 2021Open
22 May 2021Open
29 May 2021Open

Those dates with asterisks(*) are Academic and General Training Candidate Sessions
Those dates without asterisks are Academic Candidate Only Sessions
Those dates in color are Thursday Testing.

IELTS Test Date in Thailand