What to do if you didn't get the score that you need.

Familiar scene?

Waiting for test results can make anyone feel nervous

– and for some the waiting can lead to a disappointing outcome.

If you didn't get the score you were aiming for,

you might be tempted to try and take another test right away.

If this is you, stop.


Take a short breather before you register for your next test.

Learning a language takes time and practice

- you won't magically improve your English overnight!

So be realistic about the time you need to improve your skills.


Since you have taken the test before,

you have an idea of which area of the test you need to work on.

Look at your past result thinking about your strengths and weaknesses

and focus on where you need to improve.


Develop a plan.

If you had a plan before,

it's now time to review it and identify areas of improvement

If you don't have a plan,

it is time to come up with one to guide your preparation.

Read about IELTS band scores

and understand the skills you need to reach each band.

If you haven't already done so, familiarise yourself with the test format.

Make it your habit to talk, read, write – and even think – in English!

Especially in the lead up to your test!

You might even consider taking an English language course

before taking another test.

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